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Editorial Photography is at the base of branding photography. The look and the feel of the images and the image style you choose are part and parcel of your marketing.

Your images can be seasonal, campaign related, or part of your permanent brand identity. What is important is to insure that the images you use are consistent to the brand and to the objective.

How can we help you develop your brand?



It is not just a check presentation, it is an opportunity for more checks. The way you turn your check presentation photo op into possibly more checks is planning.

  1. Announce before hand of a big announcement.

  2. Be ready to go live on all of your social media platforms.

  3. Broadcast the presentation, being sure to highlight frequently who is giving the check

  4. Send out the images of the check being received to all of your supporters with a link for them to give a small donation

  5. Over the following week(s), post additional photos from the event highlighting what the funds will be used for, include a link for additional donations, and be sure to include the name of the giving person/organization.

To the giver is it "free" advertisement, to your organization, it raises awareness, and to your supporters it keeps you top of mind with fresh information and happenings.

Email us, so we can help you with your image collateral.

Also, you can donate to CSTEM at

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A quality business portrait lets your team know they are part of something and lets your customers know who is working to make their experience with your business the best. Let's discuss your options.

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On April 15th, 2019, we saw a #tragedy unfold. However, from tragedy comes #opportunity...if you choose. You can fold up and pack it in or you can learn, rebuild, and press on. The tragedy can define you or make you stronger, sharper, and more resolute.
Our hearts are with #Paris.

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Sometimes you are so deep in the thick of things you nor your team has time or the capacity to look down the road to best prepare. We can help. We work with your business plans to craft a solid go forward media strategy. Email us today.

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Event Photography should be a reasonable portion the marketing budget of any business that relies on personal engagement of clients. Images from events can strengthen a develop crucial relationships.

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