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Our Lady of Sorrows

Our Lady of Sorrows


"Our Lady of Sorrows" is a haunting photograph that captures the simple, almost innocent beauty of a small Catholic church situated on the harbor of an old town. The church's name, "Our Lady of Sorrows," carries a profound symbolism that speaks to the tragic history of the town and its people. The town was once a center for the slave trade, where enslaved Africans of various tribes were sold alongside mining equipment, animals, and sundry items from Europe and Africa.


The name of the church is a reference to the Virgin Mary, who is often depicted in Catholicism as the "Mother of Sorrows," mourning the suffering and loss of her son, Jesus Christ. This name is thus deeply symbolic of the lives lost to the cruel and brutal system of slavery, where men, women, and children were forced into a lifetime of labor and torture.


The photograph captures the church's solemn uncomplicated beauty; walls soaked in mixed emotions, truths and lies, and untold confessions. The churches white facade sea green portals standing out against the deep blue of the harbor. The image is a powerful reminder of the legacy of slavery and exploitation that has shaped the history of many communities around the world.


"Our Lady of Sorrows" is a moving and thought-provoking work of art that invites us to reflect on the freedom and joy the church says comes through God, while standing over peoples deemed unworthy of the same god’s love and protection and thusly are subjected lives/generations of horrors ignored and untold. It is a reminder of the institutions that shape our world and asks us to question its values.


All images are sold mounted and signed on the back. Images also come with provenance documentation that is signed and embossed with seal.


(12 × 12) - Pearl Paper - Mounted

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