We have used our experience and knowledge to work underexposed youth to develop a curriculum that uses their experiences to teach them photography, videography, and storytelling in an After School Program setting. We are keen on using what kids learn in school in our curriculum so students can see right away how what they learn in school can be applied, even in a creative field. 

Our program is tailored for a semester long engagement for students who want to learn the craft. Our instructors use their years of experience coupled the curriculum to produce a fun and engaging semester.

Depending on your schools After School Program budget students will end the semester with framed images of their photographs and a video with their name in the credits. We have found kids in today's disposable digital environment truly appreciate a simple tangible representation of their work.

Click the request button below to get more information about our After School Program curriculum and set an appointment to speak with us so that we can be in your school as well.

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