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Branding is essentially the process of manufacturing or creating your business' reputation. Your brand is your reputation; how you are perceived.


It is often practiced that BRANDING is a snazzy photoshoot and a few slogans; it is so much more.

We have a process that will assist you in defining or updating your brand. Click the titles below to get more information. Click the REQUEST INFORMATION button above to begin the process of addressing your branding.

Message Mapping is the foundation for your brand. We have developed a 4 step process to tease out the important elements of your business so that we can create a meaningful strategy that truly highlights what your brand is about.

This simple yet effective process can be done in a relatively short period of time, but the effects will be long lasting.

Once your business has been Message Mapped, we can now develop your business' style.


We focus on the two primary elements of business' style; graphics and imagery.

The graphics portion is crucial to the way your business is understood. The imagery sells the visual elements of your business in a consistent format. 

Imagery is usually the only portion of Branding attended to. We feel imagery is best served when mapping and style come before.


With a photography style guide we will already have a method of execution which can be translated between competent photography firms as your needs require.





We work with you to definitively articulate a future desired end goal. Having a vision is key to understanding what success looks like.

Appropriately articulating the VISION forces focus on what's important and what is ancillary. This process truly helps to streamline the process of decision making.

We have developed a process to tease out a precise goal that will be the foundation for your enterprise moving forward.



Your MISSION is your why. Once we have ascertained what we want to accomplish, it is important to know why we want to do it. The why is the impetus.

We will walk you through this process so that you know precisely why you are doing what you are doing and you can confidently articulate to others as well.

A clear MISSION lets others know where they can plug in to help you and your VISION move forward.



Understanding and being able to share your VALUES helps others know what is acceptable.

There are many ways to get business done, but having a set of clearly defined VALUES means your employees immediately and unequivocally know what is acceptable, you can easily decide who are the best vendors because the values will align, and your clients will easily recognize you because your values will align with theirs.



Simply, what all do you have to offer. This focus lets you and your potential clients know with immediacy what you have on offer.

A well defined set of provisions helps you stay focused on what your business is about and why people need to select you. It is also crucial in building the infrastructure that allows for your clients to engage you.

We help you define your PROVISIONS.


A PHOTOGRAPHY GUIDE helps you definitively decide how your brand will appear when presented photographically.

You don't have to have one look, you can have several that convey different emotions or expected behavior. The key is to have a clear understanding so that you have more control over your message and the imagery that supports it.


Your STYLE GUIDE is the tool box of elements used to define you or your organization. We will define color scheme, fonts, sizes and more so that no matter what portal you use to communicate, your audience will know it is you from a glance.

Additionally, with a style guide, you have the flexibility of working with more professionals and maintaining a consistent look.









Depending on your business and how it engages it's audience, it is important to know how you or you product will be lit.

Will you consistently use natural light or artificial light?

Knowing this ahead of time makes your decisions on how elements are photographed simple.



Does your brand require expansive vistas to communicate with your audience or does your brand focus on the details?

Does your brand keep everything in focus or does zero in on specific elements?

Understanding your COMPOSITION helps your audience understand your band.



Your COLOR can be as easy as black and white or a distinct pastel palette. However, knowing in advance quickly helps you decide what images represent your brand versus what images are interesting to look at.

We will help you define a color palette that fits your brand or your campaign.



Is your brand carefully crafted with nothing let to chance?

Is your brand about taking what is given and adjusting on the fly?

The type of MOMENTS that populate your marketing sends a message to your audience subconsciously. We will help you define how your audience should "read" you or your business.

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