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Presenting the right look to clients is essential to building trust. If you take your practice seriously and the presentation of your practice seriously, your clients will feel like you take their case seriously. When it is a matter of liberty or incarceration, compensation or uncertainty, or justice or injustice the trust you build begins early.

We help build that trust by helping polish your law practices presentation and helping you ethically and legally source clients.




Headshots are your firms most basic presentation necessity. Whether you are a single shingle operation, a growing group of associates, or a well established firm we can take the headshots that begin to instill confidence.


We can do in studio or on location to make sure the image you want to project is the imagery we produce. We know time is billable, so secondary objective is efficiency; we get you or your associates in and out.


Editorial imagery is key marketing element as it gives your clients and potential clients a feel for what to expect: thoughtful and detailed, polished and accomplished, or dogged and determined.

We will work with you or your team to come up with the looks you need to further embed your firms brand in the minds of your clients. These images will be perfect for your website, brochures and billboards.


Your social media imagery is the final piece to your firms marketing photography.

We can coach you to take the best images for your social media posts or we can take them for you. Your social media imagery will help you stay top of mind to clients, partners, and opposing counsel alike.


Social media is where your firm's brand becomes solidified to the public.



It is inescapable...every business is a brand. As a business owner you can take control and manage your brand our you can let outside forces decide foe you.

By taking control of your brand, you can better control the conversation. You can dictate where, when and to a large degree how your business is received.

When you intentionally manage your presentation, your STYLE, you begin and control the conversation.

We work with you to define the conversation by developing a STYLE that is all your own. We develop logos, we define your color scheme, we select the font or fonts which articulate your message. We develop the graphic suite of elements to further the conversation.

We build your STYLE GUIDE.









Videography is what you need to be your most expressive. It is also the platform all social media craves the most of.


Creating videos in a compelling fashion allows your audience to know what services you provide, how those services are delivered, and most importantly will they able to connect and work with you.

We can create promotional videos for your website and Facebook Fan page. We can also create shorter videos for social media usage. We can help you create and implement the strategy. 


Training videos are not just for your employees, they are also for your clients.

Whenever you find you are repeating the same thing over and over, let a video do the heavy lifting. Not only will it inform, but it can also become a tool to increase the awareness of your brand.



Your website further extends your business' branding and most importantly can be the deciding factor when a client selects your services.

Is your website organized and neat? Does it give potential clients the confidence they need to trust you and your business?

We develop websites using the WIX platform exclusively. The robust elements of WIX allows your business to grow without constant changes. Additionally, because the WIX platform is relatively easy and "plug and play", this allows you or a designate to have access and control to make minor changes without fear of your website crashing or being weirdly modified. However, we are here to help you if ever you need.

We can build your website from scratch or recreate an existing site on the WIX platform. When we build your site, we will work with you to make sure your site works with the way you do business. This is CRUCIAL, just having a presence isn't enough when you are targeting savvy clients.



Work with you to develop a website on the WIX platform in keeping with your business' style and function.



Rebuild your current website using WIX.



We will train you or we can manage your website for you.







Social gives you access to people where they are. Having a strategy allows you to engage with purpose and keep your firm top of mind.

Based on the overall business strategy of your firm we will create a bespoke social media strategy.

Our strategy is based on our 4 pillars of social media: increase awareness, inform through a thoughtful narrative, engage in a timely and appropriate fashion, and maintain awareness of the analytics through analysis.

We can develop a plan for you to implement or we can create and implement for you.

Social Media Management is at minimum a part time job. We take the stress off of your plate and let you focus on what you do best.

We manage and monitor your social media accounts to sure you are where your audience is. Once we develop a strategy, we can:

  • develop the photos and videos to richly populate your account,

  • use your "voice" to develop captions that inform and engage,

  • respond to followers and admirers,

  • mange your Direct Message (DM) to ensure we capitalize on every opportunity,

  • keep up with hashtags relative to your strategy,

  • and most importantly keep your account consistently posting.

We know how stressful Social media can be. Let us help



Social Media Advertising is the next step after Social Media Engagement. Social Media Advertising is when you exit the organic circle you have created for your business and venture out into uncharted territory.

When you make the transition in Social Media Advertising, your brand needs to be consistent across all platforms, because even though you are targeting clients you haven't met, you still want them to be clients you want to work with. We believe hat not every client is "your client". The key is to make sure "your clients" hear and respond to your message.

We will work with you to craft strategies for your desired platforms. We will work to get you where your audience is so that your business can stay top of mind.

Use of actual attorneys in images does not constitute an endorsement by Emile C Browne, affiliates, or associates.

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