Be a part of our growth.

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We are purposeful. We care about assisting our clients in creating a vision for their business, or organization.​ We believe our work is transformative and effective.

Our approach is business first; we are focused on the desired outcome. We believe our images add value to our clients. We create videos that are informative and move people to act. We know a thoughtful careful strategy will win the day.

We continue to seek out new ways to help our clients achieve to new levels of success.



We will be traveling to Colombia (17 - 26, September 2018), Kenya (13 - 26, January 2019), and The Philippines (14 - 27, April 2019) over the next 9 months to develop mini documentaries, travel photographs, and talk with businesses about strategies to grow their business.

Why are we doing this? We are doing this because we want develop our business globally. We have US domestic clients who have used our services internationally, however we want to work with companies around the globe to grow our footprint.

This will cost those businesses who agree* to work with us nothing but time. In return those businesses will receive a free video, free video snippets, photographs, and a strategy session with us**.

2018 ECBM Logo.png